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Suraj Roy (““) runs and may run other websites. It is policy to respect your privacy concerning any information we may collect while running our websites. We always care about the privacy of our website visitors. This privacy policy outline is all about how we collect general and personal information of our users, how we use and protect it, and other crucial measures you must be aware of. By using our website, you are giving us permission to apply the terms of the privacy policy on you.

What Personal Data We Collect From Our Users

Data Provided By Users – While commenting or subscribing to our site, you provide personal information like full name, email address and other information. It is kept stored in our website’s database for future reference.

Except that our users may also disclose their personal information whenever they email us, message us on social media platforms and comment on our website or connected social media pages. Such information may also be stored for future reference.

Data Collected By Cookies – By using our website, you are giving us permission to drop cookies on your computer or any device to collect general information. Cookies can be based on sessions that get destroyed once the session ends or it can be preserving that stay on your device even after the browser closes. The aim of the cookies is not to collect your private and personal data but general information to increase user experience and provide better service from ShoppersVila.

It can also record IP address to remember you, your geographical location and behavior on the website to supply better advice, browser and operating system type and versions for better website representation, referral source, page views and for others statistics. However, You can choose to disable cookie storage on your computer through your browser as well as you can erase them from time to time.

Usage Of Users Data:

By using our website, you give us permission to use, transfer, and share your data as and when applicable. We use your information to customize our website for you to provide you better suggestions, better advertisements and a better user interface to operate on. We use your contact data such as email to send you newsletters, payment reminders, suggestions of products, invoices, financial statements, and other customized communications. We may also send you updates if our website launches any new features and functionalities. However, if you don’t want any newsletter then simply you can opt-out of email notifications by unsubscribing newsletter any time.

We may provide stats to third parties but we do not disclose any information to identify the users by any means. We never supply personal data to third parties without the permission of the users. You may monitor the data you post on our site and social media pages but we have no obligation. By posting information, you are giving us the right to delete the content as and when we think it is suitable without notifying them. Moreover, we may also ban a user for suspicious and malicious activities without any notice. In such cases, the data of that user may still be available in our website database for future reference.

When you are buying products on our website, you may forward the data shared such as user account details, credit card or debit card details, bank account details in case of net banking to the third parties to process the payment, verify your address and fulfill your order. These third parties obey with our terms and conditions and will protect your information from going into the wrong hands.

Except that we may also share your data stored in the database with our third-party technical assistant team providing company for technical issues and maintenance. It can also be supplied to the market researchers and advertisements only to give out you better service. We reserve the right to use and share your personal data for matters of public interest and demands by the laws of the land.

Moreover, information put up on the site are available across the world wherever the internet has a presence. We may also transfer the data stored from one country to the other for our personal utilization, storage and maintenance purposes. You give us the right to transfer them across different countries without any objection.

Protection of Data:

We take special action to ensure the safety and secrecy of the data shared with us. But we cannot ensure the security of your information during any accident and hence, you should share your data at your own risk. But choosing not to share data with us will hamper us from providing you better services and suggestions and most importantly, you will not be able to make any purchase.

We take physical, technical and managerial action to maintain the integrity and security of the data from getting misplaced, hacked, or leaked. But it does not serve as a guarantee against a breach of security by malicious attempts of the hackers and malicious agencies.

Children’s Privacy:

Children under the age of 18 should not share any information with us without the permission of their parents. In case they do share it without permission, their parents can contact us to remove their information from our website database.

Third Parties and Their Privacy Policies:

There are various kinds of third parties available on our sites like partners, affiliates, advertisers, and others. They can drop cookies in your web browser for fetching general data about your interest & behavior to serve you with related advertisements. They have their own set of privacy policies to use, share and transfer data on which we have no control. If you voluntarily reveal information to them, they may use your information for various marketing or promoting and other purposes. We will not be responsible for their measures.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is running on our site. It is an advertisement program that shows you ads in response to the content you viewed every day. Whenever you visit any website that has Google AdSense or Google advertisements, Google may drop DART cookies in your devices web browser to track the kind of content pages you are viewing. This helps Google to place relevant ads on the websites you visit.

Opting Out
If you do not like to see ads according to the content you viewed in the past or your interests and behaviors, you can opt-out of it through Google Ads Preference Manager Page. Once you do that, Google will never monitor your browsing data. However, you can also check Google’s Policies and Terms.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is running on our website. It drops first-party cookie and third-party cookies like DoubleClick cookie to collect information and data about how the users are connecting with the site and ad segments. It also collects information about the geolocation, which device you’re using and browser type and other parameters of the users to display critical analytics to the admin of the website.

Opting Out
If you do not like Google to monitor your activities on our website, you can opt-out at any time of Google Analytics surveillance by installing Google Analytics Opt-Out Web Browser Add-on and choosing the right options.


We can bring about changes to our website’s privacy policy from time and time as and when required. We may or may not notify you and hence, you can have a look at this ShoppersVila Privacy Policy page from time to time.

Thank you for your kindness and collaboration.

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